Welcome to the inaugural post of this blog, where I plan to write about anything that strikes me as interesting. For the most part these things will be related to geology, geophysics, or scientific computing. At the moment I am titling the site "Blueschisting," with which I am not necessarily in love, but I could not think of something better when setting things up. At the very least it does not appear to be taken.

Overall it is my hope that this blog will accomplish these three things, in no particular order:

  • Get me to write more often and with less friction.
  • Provide a place to record various ideas, derivations, and perspectives so that I can refer to them later.
  • Maybe even be of some interest to some third party (though this may not ever be the case. If somebody is reading: hello!).

To start, I plan to write a series of posts on one of my favorite results in mathematical physics: the Buckingham Pi theorem.